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French courses advanced

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Course List:

Telephone: 020-7284-1554

French courses in London: Waterloo

Our French courses in London are organised as follows:

French course: advanced level - 1 hour per week.

if you would like to receive French tuition with a friend or colleague in Central London, we have a special offer of £25.00 per hour, each student pays £12.50 each. You choose the day and time of your lesson.

When we select a class partner for you we choose the day and time of your lesson.

Our next evening French class for beginners starts on:

Thursday the 15th of January at 6.30 pm at Waterloo

You prepay £50.00 for your first four lessons.

Although students prepay on a 4 week basis, the course for the beginner level is 30 weeks long (30 hours). You are under no obligation to complete the 30 hours.

Private French tuition: £23.00 per hour.