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Young Children

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Telephone: 020-7284-1554
NFT French Club
Native French Teachers is an educational agency committed to giving young children the opportunity to learn a foreign language at an early age.
Teachers use the "French club model": formal tuition with home work, together with songs, games and competitions, board games and cooking.
Lessons can be held on your premises either at lunch time or after 3.30 pm. We prefer groups of about ten pupils. Lessons last 1/2 hour for younger children, 1 hour for older children getting a headstart for secondary school.

This school project was launched at Barrow Hill School, Westminster. We now teach in 21 other primary schools located in different boroughs.You may start at any time, not just at the beginning of term.

If you would like to join this Programme or have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Native French Teachers. For children of nursery age, lessons can take place at any time of day.

Organisation within your school

This organisation consists of:

1. Either distributing our standard letter or writing your own.

2. Arranging the groups according to age and planning the times of the classes in consultation with the French teacher.

3. Making sure that the parents bring their cheques to the first lesson. You will also have to let them know the exact amount payable (which will depend on your starting date and the length of your term).

4. Providing each of our teachers with a printed list of names of those attending each group, at the beginning of term.

5. Sending NFT its termly payments.

The aim of NFT French Club is to introduce children to the French language in a lively and entertaining way. In tandem with more traditional teaching methods we use games, songs, storytelling and comptines (French nursery rhymes).
During the first three terms the children will learn basic vocabulary and acquire roundwork in grammar which can be built upon in ensueing years. Along with an understanding of the language, they will gain an introduction to French culture, which will facilitate friendships with French children.

The aim of Club NFT is to introduce children to the French language in a lively and entertaining way; we supplement traditional teaching methods with games, songs and storytelling, but the children's conversational skills will also be developed by working in pairs. Children of 7 to 11 will be introduced to writing skills.

By the end of the third term, the children will have acquired an understanding of the French language and culture which will enable them to join in games, activities and conversation with French children. They will also be able to use the vocabulary and grammar they have learnt in everyday situations such as asking directions and shopping.